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Whether you are standing, bending, crawling or climbing, the SCA 680WN moves with you, not against you.
Its 8-way moving harness mechanism ensures that it moves the way you need to move in the most demanding circumstances. Its facepiece delivers an unobstructed view and unparalleled peripheral vision. The scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens offers superior vision under the worst conditions.
Lasting comfort is built-in with a seal of soft,
EPDM rubber designed to easily and comfortably
fit most facial configurations.

The SCA 680WN has an integrated
three low-air alarms system :
a visual low-air alarm in front (at the pressure gauge)
and at the back (the flashing locator light)
for easy identification in high noise environments,
and a standard audible (plain whistle) low-air alarm
at the back.

/// Air Cylinder ///

Volume 6.0 L
Service pressure (bar) 300 bar
Service temperature (min/max(˚C)) -50 to 65
Nominal diameter (mm) Approximately 140
Test pressure PH (bar) 450 bar
Standard for cylinder CE and MED approval
Standard for valve G 5/8
Size of thread M18 x 1.5P
Weight (w/o air) Approximately 7.3kg

/// Full-face Mask ///

Type 6 tight points of Chin-strap
Angle of view 180˚
Material of mask EPDM rubber
Material of visor Polycarbonate (resistance to heat, force and scratch)
Materal of defending frame PEI
Standard CE approval
Material of head strap Aramid

/// Harness ///

Body material Nylon + Glass fiber
Waist belt material Aramid
Waist buckle material Steel
Cylinder belt material Aramid
Pressure gauge cover material Silicon (resistance to heat)
Shoulder strap material Aramid
Weight Approximately 3.5kg

General Specifications

- Applications
The Positive pressure air respirator can protect the life of the firefighters, workers and the rescued from the sites of fire and industries. (However, the life of those who use the SCBA can be protected only within the range of the approved model of the firefighters' air resporators and the inspection technology level approved by the Korea Institute of Fire Industry & Techology.)

! Caution
Even if air respirator is appropriately used, persons cannot be protected in a situation deviating from the firefighting air respirator's model approval and the approved inspection technology levels.

- Standard Performance
The air respirator is a product which has acquired model approval of the firefighting equipment by the Korea Institute of Fire Industry & Technology pursuant to related laws. The cylinder has passed inspection conducted by the Korea Gas Safety Corporation and the D.O.T.(Department of Transporation) of the U.S.A
Item Data
Type of filling gas Air
Hours of use approx 50 mins
Gross weight 8kg or less (excluding saver and air weight)
Cylinder Material Carbon Composite Cylinder
Content volume approx 6.8ℓ
Maximum filled pressure (FP) 300bar
Internal pressure test pressure (TP) 500bar
Maximum air level filled approx 2,040ℓ
Weight Approx. 3.8Kg (excluding the air and valve weight)

Configuration and Features

The facepiece is consist of face shield, regulator release button, speech diaphragm, air switch knob, exhalation valve, head hamess and facepiece rubber. The head hamess is designed in the form of a net allowing comfortable feeling of wear and preventing hamess from being twisted.
The facepiece is made of synthetic rubber and large single-lens provides wide view. The air switch knob is an equipment enabling wearer to breathe with ambient air while wearing the facepieece. (Never put the the air switch knob to "Air Breathing" in an area contaminated with toxic gas.)
FBO (First Breathing Open) system allows the SCBA to activate without free flow. This device reduces the pressure, which has been reduced first by the regulator, for the second time to a level which is suitable for breathing. It maintains the pressure inside the facepiece to a level which is higher by approximately 20mmH2O than the pressure outside the facepiece, to prevent the polluted external air getting into the inside the facepiece.
In case an error occurs on the regular, the red By-pass valve (emergency valve) envables the user to receive the compressed air inside cylinder without breathing.
Regulator Side Button
To stop using the respirator, push the side button as shwon in the picture.
Regulator Release Buttons
Facepiece ans Reulator has disconnecting structure which allows user to release regulator from the facepiece by pushing the two red buttons as shown in the picture.
Pressure Gauge
Luminous treatment is applied to the gauge so that user easily can recognize leak of remaining pressure in the dark
This device alerts the user by generating an alarm when the remaining pressure of the cylinder is approximately 55bar, and the user can recognize in the nosisy place such as the scene of a fire.
1st stage Regulator
This device supplies air to the regulator after reducing the cylinder air to approximately 8bar (8kgf/cm2).
This device is used to carry the cylinder on the back. It can be fixed to the waist by pulling the waist belt with both hands. In order to ensure the air respirator user can work conveniently.
Cylinder Valve
Valve is equipped with a safety device which preventing burst off the cylinder from high temperature and overcharge. Cylinder valve has a built-in pressure gauge to check cylinder pressure without opening valve.
Air Cylinder
Composite cylinder made with aluminum liner and wrapped with carbon fiber and fiber glass.
Flashing Locator Lights
Installed on both sides of the harness, is automatically operated when the cylinder valve is opened. The LED lights turns to red when the remaining pressure is lower than approximately 55bar.
Shoulder Strap
"S"type structure providing comfortable feeling of wear. The "D" ring, installed on the strap, allows the stuff for rescue, such as lantern, rope and other personal rescue devices, to ve equipped.
Waist Belt Buckle
One-touch type structure allowing quick and easy connection.
Saver mask
This half negative pressure (regulator) mask, connected to the one-touch coupling socket attached to the harness, helps the victim breathe. The push button on the center of the mask to enable simple artificial respiration (*Optional)