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Protection from Heat

With regular reflection of over 90% of High Heat due to strong flame, fire fighting can be operated within a close distance from the scene of a fire

- Newly adopted Aluminum Coating Method
: Lower weight and Softer fabric for more efficient operation
- Fabric composition
: Aluminized heat resistant fabric, middle layer, felt, and inner
- Product composition
: Heat protective hood, Upper wear, Bottoms, Glvoes, Boots, Cover

Heat Protective Hood

The Lens of the Hood
  • - heat resisting resins with excellent heat blocking feature
  • - Reflector, Special Coating, UV Coating protective from Ultraviolet Rays.
  • - Over 3 mm Polycarbonate and clear transparency

Upper and Bottoms

  • - The upper has zipper and front cover for protection from heat wind.
  • - Front cover is easy to attach and detach with Velcro
  • - Suspenders are attached to Bottoms for easier wearing.


  • *5 fingers type
  • - Palm area is leather material for the protection from sharp objects or glasses


  • * Metal Toe cap is inside to protect operator’s feet.
  • * Water Proof function
    • - Excellent heat protection with heat cover