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Anti Riot Helmet

◎ Specification

Material Tenntex Thermo Composite material
Color Scratch-resistant flat black finish
Surface Area 1150㎠ - 1250㎠
Size Unified size fitting for all
(Suspension system for fitness according to user)
Net Weight 1.3kg (±0.5)
Carton Dimension 1100 x 630 x 590 (mm) (12 pcs / CT)
Country of Origin Made in Korea
Features 1. Energy absorbing 3/4” thick polystyrene liner
2. Impact Retention : Exceeding DOT FMVSS-218
3. Visor with adjustable screw-in thumb knobs
(Can alter visor position if needed)

Anti Riot Shield

◎ Specification

Material Polycarbonate
Color Transparent
Surface Area 1150㎠ - 1250㎠
Size 1000 x 600 x 4.5 T (mm)
Accessories Hanger, handle, handle pad & hardware
-->Packed separately for efficient packing.
Net Weight 3.8 kgs
Carton Dimension 1020 x 670 x 290 mm (5 Shields / CT)
Country of Origin Made in Korea
Features - Interlocking System, Flat Shield with flat Front Round
- Transparent Shield

Anti Riot Baton

◎ Specification

Material HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
Color Black or Dark Brown
Size and Weight 1550 mm (240g) / 710 mm (325g)
950 mm (345g) / 1200 mm (630g)
--> 4 types of size
Size 1000 x 600 x 4.5 T (mm)
Carton Dimension 560 (720 or 960 or 1210) x 300 x 410 mm
(70 Batons / CT)
Country of Origin Made in Korea
Features 1. Embossing type handle grip

Electric Baton

◎ Specification

Length with Cover 300mm 502mm
Weight 500g 750g
Color Black
Power Rechargeable 7.4V, 1,200 Ma
Output Voltage 25,000 V
Recharger AC 220V/DC 7.4V
Current 900Ma
Country of Origin Made in Korea
Purpose Personal self-defense, Police and public security and others.


- Recharging
Connect the recharger to AC 220V power source and to the DC connector of the device. When the recharging is completed, the lamp of the recharger flashes.
- Advantages
1) Rechargeable. No need to exchange the battery
2) Can be used like a police stick to apply the physical impulse
3) Working time extended up to 5 hours by the help of efficient power usage
- Caution
Fully charge every three months to prevent the memory effect of the rechargeable battery, and avoid humid environment.