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NBC-Protective Gas Mask

The K3 Gas mask is intended for military, police personnel use and is designed to protect the face, eyes, resporatory organs from NBC agents and as well as tear gases.

  • Intended use for Military and Law enforcement.
  • Designed according to NATO standards
  • Now being in service in Thailand, UAE, Philippine, Yemen, and Indonesia etc.


  • Voice amplifier
  • Vision correction system
  • A fully intergrated protective hood
  • Canteen cap
  • Drinking bag adaptor
  • Clear outserts
  • SCA240 PAPR for extended duratioon use
  • Operator replaceable spare parts

Technical Data

Agent Challenge concentration Result(min)
PS(Chloropocrin) 50,000 ± 2,500 mg/m3 Greater than 18
GB(Sarin) 4,000 ± 200 mg/m3 Greater than 180
DMMP (Dimethylmethylphosphonate) 3,000 ± 150 mg/m3 Greater than 150
CK (Cyanogen Chloride) 4,000 ± 200 mg/m3 Greater than 30
HD (Distilled Mustard) 0.1ml Greater than 360
Airflow resistance at 801/min 30mmH2O  
Dop (penetration at 321/min) 0.025%  

Gas Mask "STG-K3"